Talk tech and make a difference: our Deep3 days

by Lydia Kennedy

We're really proud of our culture. We believe teams of experts who collaborate on projects and share their knowledge create a workplace where learning is embraced and nurtured for everyone.

We're really proud of our culture. We believe teams of experts who collaborate on projects and share their knowledge create a workplace where learning is embraced and nurtured for everyone.

Our business has grown rapidly and we've made the decision to ensure we invest in bringing all of our people together regularly so we can continue to share our ethos.

Internal events ensure we can share knowledge about technology, business plans and project updates and provide everyone with inspiration to continue their Deep3 journey by working together.


Our latest event was kick-started with a truly inspirational speaker. Steve Cunningham is the fastest blind man in the world, breaking records on land, sea and air. He has overcome challenges with a perspective that is unshakeable in its determination and belief. His closing mantra to Go MAD – go make a difference – means that we started our day together ready to conquer all!

Talking tech

Innovative technology is what our business is all about – so when we bring everyone together, we make sure we have a real diversity of tech content. Our people are the best in their field. Everyone has a different special interest and experience, so when we ask them to share theirs, we know we are in for a technical treat. Our workshops and lightning talks this season were on a range of topics, including: UI, Secure Development Lifecycle, ElasticSearch, Strangler Pattern, Kubernetes, Openshift and Cypress. Our CEO Richard Yorke also gave us an update on our Cyber Schools Hub initiative, which promotes the industry to young people in partnership with NCSC.

We were delighted to be joined for this event by Matt Adams, from our partners at Elastic, to run a workshop for us about the latest Elastic search version, as well as give us a lightning talk about a use-case. Being able to hear about such specialist tech from the experts themselves really brings it to life.


April also saw our internal hackathon event. Fuelled by copious amounts of caffeine and sugary drinks, we worked on many ideas, including:

  • Streaming Video Analysis – with the goal to identify illegal or inappropriate content in realtime, White Hat Hacking environment for 'capture the flag' tournaments
  • An AWS environment for running scenario-based DevOps 'capture the flag' or wargaming tournaments for education and training
  • A people hub for sharing information and creating networks and communities across the organisation.
  • And much more!

We had 7 teams across our North West and South West sites taking part over 2 days. The second day closed with presentations, demos and, of course, awards across various categories.

Strength from variety

The diversity of our expertise is one of our greatest strengths at Deep3, but this is closely followed by the willingness of our people to share this expertise and get involved in discussions and projects, both internal and external.

Our commitment to our value of togetherness will ensure this stays with us as we continue to grow – we already know our next internal Deep3 days will be full of shared ideas once again, helping us solve complex client challenges as a team. We'll never forget our strapline – Your challenges. Solved together.

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