A new city, a new adventure

by Lydia Kennedy

Launching a dedicated software development team into London is a really exciting time for everyone at Deep3®, but what will it mean for the people who join us?

What does establishing a Deep3® dedicated London team mean for our business?

This is the start of a next chapter for Deep3®, we are building on the success we have had to date and expanding our reach to start helping new customers. We have some fantastic opportunities across all levels of Software Engineering in London for national security customers.

For our people who will be directly involved it’s an opportunity that will be both testing and rewarding at the same time! Being a part of a new team can be challenging, but the feeling of achievement when you work together to deliver new projects or solve a core problem for a customer is unparalleled. We believe this is a key part of what is special about our work.

We want people to feel inspired to be a part of our business as well as by the work they do. Our people have a real opportunity not only to take a next step in their careers, but to be a part of something they can contribute to and help to shape.

With London an essentially new city for Deep3® how will our people there be supported?

Our ‘One Company’ ethos has been critical to our success so far and will continue to be for our future. Communication between our existing different sites is woven into the everyday fabric of Deep3®.

We use multiple technology platforms to ensure this happens day-to-day. We are 100% committed to continuing to bring all of our people together regularly for internal events where they can share successes, ideas and challenges.

We encourage people to seek out training opportunities. We support everyone's career development with dedicated and on-the-job mentoring and coaching from within our project teams and professional communities structure.

Our London team will be new in the sense that we will be opening a new office and they will be working with new as well as existing customers; but we have extensive experience of bringing people together to collaborate from across different customer sites and office locations already. This is the culture we will be replicating for all our people who are based in London or any other new locations.

The work sounds exciting will there be more to come in the future?

The work with our national security customers in central London are all long term frameworks with multiple streams of work and opportunities for many years to come. There couldn't be a more exciting time to join us and be a part of our next chapter to deliver mission critical software solutions for our customers.

If you want to discuss opportunities in London, Cheltenham or Manchester then get in touch with us careers@deep3.co.uk.

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