Top takeaways from CyberUK 2018

by Richard Yorke

In early April we spent three very productive days at NCSC’s CyberUK 2018 conference and what a great three days they were. With a large number of interesting, in some cases provocative, discussions there was an overriding message that although the challenges we face in the Cyber Security industry are great and growing, we can, and will, come together to solve these challenges as a community.

There were lots of points to take away from the event, we’ve listed the ones that resonated most with us:

  • People / Diversity – the challenges we face are complex and varied, therefore the industry needs to nurture and tap into talent from as diverse a range of people as possible, including gender, ethnicity and neurodiversity. Across CyberUK there were some great stories of how diversity is being achieved, both in the workplace and in education. At Deep3 we want to do our bit to address this by supporting the NCSC’s Cyber Schools initiative, aimed at inspiring more kids, particularly girls, to take up computer science.

    We also heard, loud and clear, the call to action to think differently, be proactive and take the challenging decisions to address diversity in the workplace today.
  • Cloud Technology – it was great to see debate and myth busting about running services in the cloud. People were challenged to think about whether their own data centre really is as secure as those of the major cloud providers. There were also great examples of how emerging cloud technology (such as Serverless) can provide low cost ways to improve an organisation’s security posture, including the talk from our very own Ryan Thornley on Serverless Transformations, check his talk out here.
  • Cyber Defence – the vast majority of cyber incidents leverage known vulnerabilities and so time-old measures such as patching are still the most effective ways to protect services from attack. Patching isn’t easy, but cloud and automation technologies can significantly reduce the barriers involved.
  • Threat Hunting – lots of technology and services are promising to solve the Threat Hunting problem for organisations. But the important point we took away was before you rush out and invest in technology, take the time to understand what data you have, and the value you can obtain from it.
  • Investment – it was great to hear the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, pledge a £50M investment in Cyber Law Enforcement to tackle cyber-crime through organisations such as the National Crime Agency (NCA). We believe our data engineering, cloud and application development offerings could add real value here.
  • Manchester – we were delighted to hear the announcement from Jeremy Fleming that GCHQ will be opening an office in Manchester. We believe that this move will attract even more talented people to the area and as a result will further fuel diversity in a city that is renowned for engineering, openness and innovation. We hope that a greater concentration of talented techies will lead to more opportunities for collaboration, something all technology businesses in Greater Manchester will benefit from.

To sum up, this week started on a high with our launch of Deep3, if you haven’t yet seen the new website make sure to take a look here. As the event continued it just got better and better; the diversity of speakers and topics made it an interesting, enjoyable and informative event and we are very much looking forward to next year.

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