Malware protection via the cloud

by Richard Yorke

Organisations want new technology to enhance their operational processes – speeding up their internal and external communications. It is why we have seen a boom in file sharing and collaborative working, and email usage continues to grow.

But what these organisations need is to have secure-by-design technology in place to make sure they are protected from malicious attacks. In 2017, Kaspersky found that over 18% of exploits used in cyber-attacks were delivered via MS-Office or PDF files. Organisations needed to find a way to overcome this and Deep3® have been working on a solution.

The main challenge organisations face is identifying the malicious code, such as malware present in documents, particularly PDFs, without having to process them locally. To overcome this, we implemented a simple tool to aid analysis, the PDF inspector, which requires the user to upload suspicious PDF documents. The software then generates a report on the document and returns the safe output to the user.

Doing this is a low-cost, low-risk way, only possible because of serverless architectures which enables files to be processed away from the operational network. Deep3® developed this on AWS Cloud, using API Gateway, Lambda, S3 and Cloud formation. However, Deep3®'s expertise is cloud agnostic and we can use different Cloud environments for this process including Azure, Apache OpenWhisk and Google Cloud Platform.

This process provides a simple solution to the problem, with a lot of benefits for free when using it and the process is also maturing quickly.

As the desire for the latest technology grows so will the need for secure-by-design software. Contact Deep3® to see if we can help you innovatively solve your complex mission-critical software challenges.

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